luminous beings
jordan / johnny
it / he / she
star wars; mostly clone wars & prequel + original triology; campaign/evil campaign (actual play podcast); my little pony: friendship is magic; my own original characters
most of the tweets on this account are headcanons i am too embarrassed to say on my main for various reasons: they're all about the same character, so i feel like im spamming; they're very silly/meaningless; or they're related to mental illness & are thus kind of personal. if i'm not posting headcanons, i'm livetweeting fic i'm reading or discussing general self-indulgent thoughts & feelings about certain media. expect bursts of tweets from here: i'm likely to make a bunch of tweets then disappear for a week or so.
location e. coast usa gender genderfluid boygirl
age 19 d.o.b. 11 / 25
personality xsfp
sagi sun/aqua moon
icon(s) credit all art is by
ks2o @ tumblr !